Hi. I’m Gary Kelly, and I own OnWebNet IT & Web Services.

I have built up a range of relevant knowledge and skills over many years, and I want to use that to help you effectively use computers and the internet for your purposes.

My passion is to help those who have had limited knowledge, access or opportunity using the internet learn and develop the skills and know the ropes. I want to get you connected. I also want to help businesses and Community Groups to effectively use the tools now available to support their activities.

That could mean you as a small or growing business. It could mean you as someone who just never got time or had reason to use the internet previously. Its time to change that.

I want to explain the huge benefits and opportunities waiting there for you to access:

  • connection to friends and family
  • or to your community
  • linking to clients or suppliers
  • using the new web based tools that are emerging, affordable, and really work
  • researching goods and services online, while
  • supporting your local community and businesses.

I want to show you the many ways these opportunities can be yours. All of this is very important, and unless your connected, your going to miss out.

I also want to tell you about the traps, and tricks others might use to separate you from your resources.

OnWebNet IT & Web Services is my primary business site. Here, I charge for my services, but relatively (comparatively) modestly. I have to eat too!

I currently also volunteer with a range of Community based activities. I support these through free of modest charges for my services.

I will be establishing a range of free community and information sites and services aimed at supporting communication and the creation or growth of community.

This I hope will be good business? It will provide free services to those who couldn’t otherwise afford them. It will create new clients for me and others. And it may provide business for me when they want and can afford to upgrade.

I will list these sites and services as they become available. They may be relevant or useful for you.

You will find more information about the services I provide on this site as they progressively become available.

Enough about me.