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Broadband – Wireless- 3G & 4G – Wifi – Bluetooth – Whats all this then

communication-1015376_640To explain the various connection options for broadband home network and their strengths and weaknesses. To show you the benefits of using (or setting up) your own Broadband network at home to get the most from your devices. And to show how a home WiFi network is easily managed.


Most Broadband internet connections (Wikipedia article here) now are Wireless or ADSL (copper phone network), with Cable rapidly replacing both where available because of reliability, speed and capacity.

Wireless or Cellular connections are really extensions of the Mobile Phone networks that have grown rapidly over the last 20 years. Speeds are very good, depending on the provider, and on the number of users trying to use the network in a particular cell area. Prices are moderating, but usually are higher than ADSL or cable. It is hugely better if you need it for travel. The latest version (4G up from 3G(eneration)) is better though less widely spread.

ADSL is also getting better all the time. But improvements (needed because of higher demand, more people, more data) are harder now as copper networks are not being maintained, and recent copper installations were sub standard compared to earlier technology. Reasonably reliable, it is usually cheaper than Wireless, and is usually considerably faster. Read More→

Getting to Grips with Technology

Since I started providing Courses (tutoring and mentoring) on using the iPad and iPhone, I’ve had a lot of requests to provide advice to individuals or small groups. Among many others, some of the problems raised with me have included:

  • heroa particular problem (piece of equipment) you need to deal with immediately
  • skills you’d like to develop, or just how it all works and fits together
  • how to get started
  • what equipment or software is right for your needs
  • safety, or security, how can I be sure
  • whats it all about, and why should I care
  • how much will it cost, what can I afford

No matter what your problem (Apple, Android, Microsoft devices and Apps,internet use, searching and safety, etc), it can help just to discuss it with someone who doesn’t see you as just a source of income.

You can book a FREE 15 minute call with me and I will try to find the best approach for you to get your answers. Read More→

Android from Scratch

Hi. Are you starting from Scratch and need to learn how to use an Android phone or tablet? Here are a few getting started links (mostly to YouTube) where you can watch videos about the basics.

FIRST – Basic Buttons, Menus, Tapping, Swiping, Press and Hold

Samsungs Intro Support Page

Getting Started with your Samsung Android Phone or Tablet

Android Noobz

A Bunch of useful YouTube videos can be found on the YouTube Android Noobz (new users) channel. These will help you know the overall operations of Android devices.

Email and Gmail – Setting up