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Getting to Grips with Technology

Since I started providing Courses (tutoring and mentoring) on using the iPad and iPhone, I’ve had a lot of requests to provide¬†advice to individuals or small groups. Among many others, some of the problems raised with me have included:

  • heroa particular problem (piece of equipment) you need to deal with immediately
  • skills you’d like to develop, or just how it all works and fits together
  • how to get started
  • what equipment or software is right for your needs
  • safety, or security, how can I be sure
  • whats it all about, and why should I care
  • how much will it cost, what can I afford

No matter what your problem (Apple, Android, Microsoft devices and Apps,internet use, searching and safety, etc), it can help just to discuss it with someone who doesn’t see you as just a source of income.

You can book a FREE¬†15 minute call with me and I will try to find the best approach for you to get your answers. Read More→